Delivery charges

We have 2 types of shopping options:

Instant shop

Serving many London postcodes, Instant delivery is a premium delivery service. The order is delivered in 30-90 mins. The items in instant delivery menu are charged a premium price and a £9.99 delivery fee for the nature of the service as each order is individually driven by the drivers.

We are still the most competitively priced retailer in the instant delivery market. There is no other company that provides instant delivery with the same wide range and prices as offered by us. We shall soon be expanding this service in other cities as well.

Instant shop

General shop

Caters huge range and at very competitive prices In case you do not need the products instantly and can wait till the next day or a scheduled day in the future, then you can place an order in the general shop.

General shop consists of all other categories except instant shop. Generally you can place an order and choose next day delivery, selected day delivery or standard delivery. The standard delivery reaches you between 3 to 5 days.

There is also a Same day delivery service available for most London postcodes but the order has to be placed by 2PM and it gets delivered to the customer by 7PM.

General shop

We only use reputable international firms for the shipping of all our orders.Delivery charges and estimated delivery times are explained below

United Kingdom

Standard Delivery

No last order time


2-4 Working Days

No Delivery charge above £ 50
Instant Delivery

Anytime of the day and till late night


Order as per impulse

Same day Delivery

Order by 2pm


Delivered between 3pm to 7pm

Next Day Delivery for London

Order by 6pm


Delivered next day between 9am to 7pm

Next day Delivery rest of the UK

Order by 4pm


Delivered next day between 9am to 7pm

Kindly Note

Make sure you place your order before the last order time for instant and same day delivery products.

In case you miss the last order time, your order will be dispatched the next day to reach you accordingly

Free standard delivery available on deliveries above £50:
    Kindly note:
  • The offer is not valid for instant, same day or next day delivery services
  • The Delivery surcharge may apply for remote locations
  • Standard delivery can take 2 to 5 days

Delivery Surcharge

Any delivery to Northern Ireland or Isle of Man will incur an additional £4.99 delivery surcharge

Rest of the world

We are currently shipping orders to the following countries, Kindly select the country from the menu below to view the estimated delivery timelines and charges.

Offshore DPD prices

Northern Ireland, Channel Islands, Isle of man, Scottish islands, Scilly isles.

Next day service up to 10kg - £26 (£1.35 per additional kg)

Two day service up to 30kg - £17

Scottish Highlands

Two day service up to 30kg - £17

Republic of Ireland

Next day service up to 5kg - £50 (£1.77 per additional kg)

Two day service up to 30kg - £17

Country Days to deliver Cost Customs charge
Austria 3 £20.00
Belgium 2 £17.00
Bosnia 4 to 6 £40.00 £25.00
Bulgaria 4 to 7 £40.00
Croatia 4 to 6 £30.00
Bulgaria 4 to 7 £40.00
Czech Republic 3 to 4 £25.00
Denmark 3 £20.00
Estonia 4 to 5 £30.00
Finland 4 to 5 £30.00
France 2 to 3 £17.00
Germany 2 to 3 £17.00
Greece 4 to 9 £40.00
Hungary 4 £30.00
Iceland 4 to 6 £40.00 £40.00
Italy 3 to4 £25.00
Latvia 4 to 6 £40.00
Lituania 4 to 6 £40.00
Luxembourg 2 £17.00
Netherlands 2 £17.00
Luxembourg 2 £17.00
Netherlands 2 £17.00
Norway 4 to 6 £40.0 £25.00
Poland 4 £30.00
Portugal 4 to 5 £30.00
Romania 4 to 6 £40.00
Serbia 4 to 7 £40.00 £25.00
Slovakia 3 to 4 £25.00
Slovenia 4 to 5 £30.00
Spain 3 to 4 £25.00
Sweden 4 to 5 £30.00
Switzerland 3 £20.00 £25.00
Ukraine 6 to 9 £40.00