Liqroo Exchange - Coming Soon

What it is?

We will soon bring you this exciting feature of Liqroo Exchange where you will be able to find offers and discounts. The Liqroo exchange will allow you to browse through your favourite drinks and make choices. In your busy day or while you are chilling out on your days off, you can open this fabulous feature and get the whole bulls and bears buzz of your own personal alcohol exchange. Whats great is that you carry a whole exchange system in your pocket anywhere and engage your friends and colleagues in all the fun and excitement as well.

How it works?

We list a number of different drinks in all categories in the Liqroo exchange. You can tap in anytime and see which drinks are on and what offers are currently running. The prices will change right in front of you as our Liqroo market moves, you will have to make quick decisions and choose the offers before they vanish. You can also choose your favourites and we will send you notifications when your chosen drink makes a move up or down. All the discounts and offers will be for a limited period. It could be there for 2 mins, 5 mins or 15mins or at times even for a few seconds. Anytime you are free and you want to arrange some things for your home bar or an evening with friends, come and indulge in this exciting feature that we will share with you very soon.