Spirit Circles - Coming Soon

What it is?

We present you the spirit circles, an exciting place to socialise and make connections with like-minded people. Spirit circles will include Whisky, wine, Beer and Gin etc circles and will have discussions and chats relating to the most exciting new items on the markets, best drinks, great parties etc. You will also get chance to upload your own events and popularise your studio parties or engage people of similar interests to join you, like, share and comment. We are aiming at a society that enjoys together and multiply their excitement with each click and hit.

How it works?

We have created various drink circles like the Whisky circle, Vodka circle etc. The circles are aimed at connecting groups of people with similar interests and giving them an exciting environment to chat and discuss their favourite drinks, make new friends and share party plans. You can come in and browse through all the circles presented and choose to join one or more circles. Once you have joined, you can then make direct connections and make new friends. All the users in a particular circle will get offers and benefits by participating in that circle as the circle sales go up. For example, all the sale from the vodka circle participants will be added to provide them all a point system benefit and rewards as they go along. You will also get choices to play online competitions and win offers, discounts and cash. We will soon also run live outdoor competitions and invite our users from various circles to come and compete in local pubs and bars. It will open a new form of socialising where you will meet people from your virtual net of friends. We shall open this option in June and invite our users to join the circles. Stay tuned to be a part of our online social club, The Spirit circles.